Project 3 a manifesto

We have been introduced to our final project for this year and we need to create 3 A2 placards. This is going to be an interesting one. I am not even worried about getting the ideas and I found my creative voice already now I just need to make sure that the message is clear and I dont over complicate things. I am not very confident with typography so I will need to experiment a lot more.

I am planning to create each placard different style and I like the idea of having 3 to do. Maybe it requires more work but how I see it is that I will get a chance to explore more ideas without having to make a compromise.

It might be tricky because all I can play around with is type which has to speak for itself. Images can only be an addition to it but not the main focus and type itself can create an image. Also I can pick what shape of the placard to use. It all has to work together and it has to be thought through and each choice has to have a reason behind it.

I am planning to make one of the placards with a photograph of a 3D image, one type only that creates an image-calligram and one images and type.

I can explore ideas from my manifesto created in October last year and here is just a reminder of it ( Manifesto ).

I quite like the last one. It reminds me of Anthony Burrill’s “Work hard and be nice to people”. How I see it is to be nice to yourself first and it will reflect on how you treat others. Also many people beat themselves up for not being able to do things that they feel they have to in order to please other people. Like Einstein said:

Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

Okey I will stop there because now my sociologist side is coming out. That could be why I will enjoy this project. Actually I always enjoy everything that I do, even if you give me a stick and a stone I will find a way to turn it into something fun.


Few workshop outcomes.

I was kind of into making 3D type and created some jewellery.

This could be a placard by itself the “F” word made out of a foam.

The F raindeer

A bit of a collage. I have totally disregarded the rules and spent on each letter longer than I supposed to. This actually gave me an idea to possibly create one placard with a slogan about environment and do the type using “rubbish”.

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