Saul Bass-Thinking made visual

Looking for inspiration for my A2 placard I refer back to the list of recommended practitioners.

The moment I saw Saul Basses’s work I realised I have seen his film posters before. He is an American graphic designer and an award-winning film maker who created work for starts such as Alfred Hitchcock.

saul bass

I have gained great interest in creating posters and zines after our screen printing session. It happens a lot the time that when I look for an inspiration for one project and find ideas for another one. His work prompted me to go back to the Typography brief and redo my typographic posters. Who would have thought that I will enjoy doing digital work this much. I am surprising myself all the time.

typography poster &

typography visual poster

There is something about the use of colour that I like. It seems very simple but works well. Also the vintage look is what attracted my attention. Images are basically just shapes in one colour and main focus is on the type.

Now it’s time to go back to Project 3.

There was a time when I thought that looking at practitioners’ work will only make me copy them without even thinking but now I can see how it only prompts new ideas in my head.

Noma Bar was my next inspiration where he uses only shapes and colours to play around with but I could create something similar and find a way to incorporate text in there.

noma bar

nom bar 2

I could talk about what I am going to do all day but now its time to experiment. I haven’t got any solid slogans yet but I will play around with what I have got so far and hope that will generate some good ideas.

Here is only one of my ideas which I have managed to present visually creating a poster in Photoshop. “Protect your mind” or “Protect your thoughts” or “Defend your thoughts”. I am not quite sure what the final slogan could be.

placard 1

My idea is to do the helmet as a cut out rather than a poster so as the person that is holding the placard can place it in front of their face and it would look like they are wearing a helmet. That would make it a bit more interactive.

How I came to this idea is protect your mind,thoughts=head=helmet, protect/defend=soldier. Type also plays a role of a pattern on the helmet and helmet is a simple shape.


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