Project 3 experimentation

Alan Kitching is a British graphic designer, animator, architect and software developer. There is a lot of practitioners whose work I don’t particularly like and get it. I look for those who inspire me and trigger ideas in my head to the point when I just want to give it a go by myself.

I like the idea of the textured type. I could use type and embed images or shapes in the text so still main focus is on the text. I could use letterpress room and the wooden type to do it and then edit it digitally. However first of all I need a slogan that I could use and make it work effectively.


Maybe slogan similar to  “It’s what inside that counts” could work as type could have some interesting  texture inside. Or the other way round-outside text all pretty and colourful but inside dark and rotten?

It also reminded me when I have turned one of the words created in the letterpress room digital and created more texture to it. I like this type of type rather than when the type is all filled in and perfectly straight.indesign stuff

My second idea for a slogan was something like “Don’t sink in to this world’s cruelty” or “don’t sink under the pressure”. It gave me an idea to create floating letters. I have used slogan “Always stay on top”. It actually is hard to come up with a slogan on demand and a slogan that is not out there yet. I also need to remember to keep it short so the placard is not too clattered.

placard 2

I must’ve looked at this picture loads of times and only yesterday I realised I missed out letter “Y” in word “always”…interesting

I have added some soap to the water as foam keeps the letters more still. I have also added some colour and maybe I will experiment with the colour of the water? Or simply add some effects in Photoshop and learn some new skills at the same time. Yes I am obsessed with digital package recently after doing my animation my confidence has gone up. My work may be very basic but I love the learning curve and to see the progress.


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