Work must go on…

From the idea of floating letters and slogan “Always stay on top” I decided to go back to my original slogan “don’t sink in politics’ shit”. When it comes to type I will try to recreate letters that would look like an actual poo. If not the water will be brown.  I knew I cannot just stick with something normal and it always comes down to toilet and doo doo with me ha.

Instead of putting letters in the sink I can use an actual toilet. Obviously my own which is so clean you can eat from it.


Going back to the first slogan “Protect your mind” I have redone it as well. Instead of soldiers helmet I may use a condom. Condom to protect your head from “Socially Transmitted Delusions (STD), Protect your mind” or to be more specific Social media Transmitted Delusions. Having STD as a key word would justify the use of condom as a shape, again protection=condom, mind=hat. I think I am heading the right direction but once again I am not giving type enough consideration.

PLACARD 1 test

This is just a test which I don’t necessarily like but that’s just a start. I thought about making it look like a NHS leaflet but they are rather boring so instead I played around with text and colours of NHS sign. When I start testing out ideas it always generates something new so I am not worried how it will look in the end.

The third slogan is still in dispute which I need to resolve either today or tomorrow.

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