Portfolio photography 

Today’s session was well needed for me.. I didn’t pay much attention to pictures that I upload on my blog maybe because I would do it in a rush sometimes. There have been so many new things I have learnt that would skip my mind most of the time. I am glad that everything is becoming more clearer now and I can see development. We all may think that things like presenting your work nicely is obvious but when it comes to doing it we tend to neglect it.

You can see how the colour of the image depends on the light. It can totally change it.

blog pic

Playing around with colour of the artwork and background: grey on green and green on grey. I still need to work on my work looking more professional because I have a tendency of making things theatrical and over the top. I will do my best to present my work on my blog with more care as you never know who can see it.



I think that picking a colour for the background that goes well with your artwork is the key for a good photoshoot. It’s important that background doesn’t distract from the artwork but complements it.

I believe that gold background worked well with darker images.

Photographing your work is not as hard as it may seem. Even without having a professional equipment you can still make it look more appealing. We are lucky that we can always access facilities at university and make the most out of it.

My first encounter with a photoshoot where I had to art direct my work was during animation. It really made me pay more attention to the quality of lights and image itself. I undertand a lot more now how to treat my work with respect it deserves. Not just how to present it but also to handle it in my portfolio.


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