Placards under construction

This is the first time I was stuck with a project badly.. Even though I liked this project I don’t think my focus was all there.

I’ve decided to stick with a slogan “walk your own route”. Speaking to one of my tutor was groundbreaking for me as I didn’t just decided 100% which slogans to pick but also how to approach the visual aspects.

My miniature trainer key ring became useful


I have opted for photomontage using photos of my feet in different locations and on different surfaces. To add more variety I will be wearing different shoes.

Letter “W”

I will use simple white background so it won’t distract from the images. I am glad to hear that we can print A2 placards as one of the ideas are didn’t consider as I wasn’t sure where I can print it. Now it makes it much easier and it allows me to do more 3D ideas.

“Protect your mind” to raise awareness about mental health. People need to take care of their minds more and don’t allow anything to influence and harm it.

My first idea was to do letters using fabrics and just stuff it with cotton buds but as usual I came up with an idea that will take longer but I really wanted to give it a go. I decided to do 3D letters.


3D soft letters in making

I can also colour it with markers

FullSizeRender (73)

I have noticed that when it comes to working with type I was worried that I may struggle and I was right. Finding my own way to approach this project was important as it made it more possible for me to visualise my ideas. All I need to do now is to photogrph it and think of how to arrange it. Maybe simply on a white background or on a wooden shelf?

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