Dead women can’t vote

In order to understand what Sisters Uncut stand for take a minute to read their manifesto…..


We are Sisters Uncut. We stand united with all self-defining women, non binary, agender and gender variant people who live under the threat of domestic violence, and those who experience violence in their daily lives. We stand against the life-threatening cuts to domestic violence services. We stand against austerity.

Every week in the UK, two people registered as women are killed at the hands of a partner or ex-partner. The cuts make it harder for people to leave dangerous relationships and live safely.

Safety is not a privilege. Access to justice cannot become a luxury. Austerity is ideological but cuts to domestic violence services are fatal.

Every person’s experience is specific to them; as intersectional feminists we understand that a person ’s individual experience of violence is affected by gender, race, class, disability, sexuality, trans status and immigration status.

Doors are being slammed on survivors of violence. Refuges are being shut down, support is being denied, legal aid has been cut, social housing is scarce and private rents are extortionate.

What’s more, local councils are selling out contracts to services who are running them on a shoestring – putting the safety of survivors at risk and deteriorating the working conditions for those who work with them.

To those in power, our message is this: your cuts are gendered violence, your cuts are dangerous, and you think that you can get away with them because you have targeted people who you perceive as powerless.

We are those people. We are Sisters Uncut and we will not be silenced. We stand united and fight together; together we will win.


  • No more cuts to domestic violence services
  • Restore funding that has been cut
  • Secure funding for specialist domestic violence services; this should be ring-fenced* at a national level
  • Local Authorities to fully meet the demands of their communities, recognising that different survivors have different needs
  • Guaranteed access to legal aid for survivors of domestic violence
  • Provide access to safe and secure social housing for survivors who otherwise cannot afford to leave
  • Safety should not be subject to immigration status; extend access to safe housing to survivors with no recourse to public funds 

There is nothing else really that I can add to summarise what they stand for.

I have purchased their colouring book which is a collection of powerful quotes and visuals. This book was created to honour of “all of those who who came before us and in solidarity with all those who are taking our struggle onward”.

Some of the images from the book:


More research will follow in the next blog post….


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