Meeting Sisters Uncut

The feeling of meeting Sisters Uncut was rather overwhelming. One thing is to read about something but another seeing it for yourself. I have even more respect for them than I had before.

The bravery and commitment of those girls is bigger that I have imagined. Their passion for what they stand for and believe in is very much contagious. They sacrifice a lot to fight for women, their heart and head is in it 100 per cent. While you sit there comfy in your sofa or out clubbing they have meetings about how to help women in need, they do a lot of research and preparation. Their knowledge about the issue is never ending, you can see that they are intelligent, very articulate and respectful.

While reading the book about Emmeline Pankhurst there is a lot of reflections that come to my head. There is not that many brave people these days, some people are too selfish to care or too scared to get involved. Sometimes it’s just a simple case that you think it doesn’t consider you then you don’t feel obliged to do anything and you don’t think that you can make any difference. I haven’t felt this useless in a long time. It made me realise that I don’t do anything to help the situation.

At some point in our lifes we may experience some sort of injustice, or abuse from other people that’s why it’s important to fight not just for the present but past and future as well. We have to cherish the fact that there were lives lost so as we can have rights that we do have now. Some people who did fight they haven’t experienced the benefits for themselves but thanks to them now we can.

I really wanted to take projects this academic year to another level and I think I have taken this one. This is not the end of me emotionally connecting with the subject and exploring more aspects of it.


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