Design Principles and Fundamentals

Simple way to define design principles is to describe it in few words: rules, structure, base, boundary. Before I introduce those rules let’s ask ourselves few questions. Do I follow design principles? Am I aware of them while creating a design?

Design principles: balance, emphasis, movement, repetition, contrast, unity

It is important for us to be analysing what we do and think throughly before taking on any task. Whether consciously or not and I am pretty sure that the knowledge embedded in our brains does surface when we are creating. We do a lot of things subconsciously that is why on many occasions we may find it hard to explain why we have done things the way we did.

Having rules is not a bad thing but it doesn’t mean that we have to rigorously follow it as it will only limit our possibilities and hinder us from exploring new ideas. In order to move away from existing rules it is important to understand it first.

After being introduced to Hicks Law we were given a task to design a Home Page for Visual Communication. Hicks Law is simple words is an idea that says that the more choices you present your users with, the longer it will take them to reach a decision. When we say keep things simple doesn’t mean dull.


After this session we cracked on with designing a logo for our design agency using Adobe Packages.

Few experiments

I have had an idea to think of the items that can give people a struggle to use. One was a knot that seems complex to either tie or undo. Other one was a Rubik’s cube which we all know is hard to complete. Then again are we allowed to use one design to promote our brand? We may stick with the knot instead.


Latest design

This is still very much work in progress. It has also been suggested to make letter “L” in capital to emphasise word “less”. Also possibly use no gradience, just one colour in the background. Our logo so far includes following design principles: movement-type creates and impression of smooth transition between letters. Pattern: cohesiveness in use of the letter’s pattern. Contrast: colours of type and background create that. Unity: it all work well together.



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