Patrick Saville

Our first Hot House talk of this academic year kicked off with Patrick Saville. This graphic designer and illustrator is heavily inspired by airbrush art from 70’s. His artwork is very much dreamy and has scientific-fi motives. There is certainly a lot going on on each piece and it can be open to many interpretations.

“I try to imbue my type and logos with the way that old print and repro processes affect things, that loss of detail and blurred edge, rough curves and wonky verticals”.

His portfolio is very impressive with big names such as Vice, Amazon, Nickelodeon and Sony featuring in it.

It’s funny how I have automatically recognised his work from People of Print and Print isn’t Dead websites. It shows that his work is something that stays in your mind and is memorable. I found his work particularly interesting as I have always expressed interest in posterzines and American style posters especially for rock bands. What intrigues me is the use of colour and there is plenty of it. I like the fact that even though his work is digitalised he still uses physical techniques like screen printing.

“Stylistically I have been influenced by my time as a screen printer, and love for the hand-made and human error – hand-drawn lines, photocopied and scanned patterns.”

It’s good to explore options given to you not just from the technology but also good old hand made techniques which makes the piece of art more personal and allows you to come up with unexpected outcomes, like Patrick has called it “human error”.


Here is few examples of Patrick’s work

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