Presentation preparation for Market Ready

After the presentation from Natasha Triay from Accelerator I became very much inspired and the creative juices are flowing now. As usual it was a lot to take in but it didn’t put me off.

I look at it as a huge learning experience as I have never considered myself setting up a business or even trying to come up with an innovative product to sell. I might be competitive at times but not on this scale. This was however a breaking point for me as I gained more enthusiasm for this project- “Market Ready”. I find the challenge of having to ‘wear many hats’ really keeping me on toes and even though this is a group project there are times when I need to step up in order to get things done and keep moving forward.

I am aware that our product may not become the biggest seller but I am confident that is innovative as I have not come across anything like this before. I have challenged myself to create a digital prototype of the product.

2D prototype

Once I started creating I wanted to take it a bit further and try to present it in 3D. I am intermediate when it comes to Adobe Packages but practice makes perfect.

Screenshots of work in progress

Final outcome
representing how will it work with USB drive

We are still in progress with our promotional aspects. We have a list of things to do from posters to the video and whatever else we get time for. Roles have been shared so we should be able to get it done soon.

I was inspired by the London Met black tote bags with white print which I saw while leaving the library.  Here is a prototype of what our logo will look like on black material. We will create those using screen printing.


I must say we had a slow start as getting a group of people to work and communicate together is quite hard especially we had two members absent for the first two weeks. Things are speeding up now and start to make more sense and form into something that has a potential.

This is a stall display designed and created by Emma. It works great with our colour scheme which is pastel colours. She has done online research and also went out to see stalls to get an idea of what is required.

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 16.47.34

The only thing that worries me at the moment is how is the item going to be made. We know it will be a wire but where will we find a perfectly suitable wire? One of our member is responsible for researching the materials because unless we find what we need we cannot calculate how much will it cost to make a product.

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