Laser cutting

Today was the day when we got to experience the power of laser cutting. Image preparation of the image was important yet quite tricky as it wasn’t all straight forward.

I absolutely loved the smell of burning wood.

test for engraving
the progress of printing
the beauty itself



You can see that the flowers came out a bit messy as there were too many small lines and too close to each other. I am glad we had a chance to try this out today because now I am aware a lot more of what I can and cannot do. I also haven’t given much though to the text as usual. I would like my final piece to be laser cut in different material and have elements that I completely cut out.
Recap session with our tutor was refreshing as usual. She only confirmed all that I knew. My ideas are too obvious as I am always worried that people may not understand my message so I try to keep it simple. That is still my weak point and I understand that It will get easier with practice. I am always postponing things that I find difficult but in the end it will catch up with me and I then see that the devil is not as black as he is painted. In the end of the day I am doing this degree to learn and overcome the difficulties that I have expressing myself visually.


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