Presentation 2 based on feedback

After the feedback we have received we cracked on with work. This project still remains the most challenging one simply because I have to work in a group. I am a type of person that if I share responsibilities between people and people cannot stick to it or struggle I will step in to help because I want to make sure that all of the tasks are completed. When presenting your work the receiver doesn’t care why you haven’t got certain aspects of work but will criticise you for not having it or on the quality of it.

Our last presentation content:

Presentation preparation for Market Ready

We decided to tone down on colours to make our brand go better with the product itself. This is the palette that inspired us to stick to 3 colours: yellow, purple and grey. This way our brand looks also a bit more professional and less like a “cake shop”.

Our logo has been amended slightly. Alessandra’s hard work paid off as we received good feedback on it.

logo finale

Because our logo has changed I had to amend the tote bag design. Alessandra came up with an idea to invert the logo which I think works great.

black tote new logo

On the last presentation we haven’t had the visuals for all the things that we are planning to do and we have ambitious plans. This time I made the prototype of packaging: box with a keyring.


And Alessandra took care of the business cards

This is a prototype made once again in Photoshop. I am not as happy with it as my previous ones but I haven’t had much time left and I really wanted to present digital as well as physical prototype to be able to explain better the product.

final prototype2

physical prototype


And an example of the engraving that we can offer for no extra cost.


I have now been able to calculate costs for the making of the item as it will be made using laser cut technique.


Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 09.36.36.png

Also I have done a breakdown of the additional items:


Also I have created an online shop and here is a mobile view with different layouts. I wasn’t happy with how the previous website was done so decided to give I a go myself. Still not happy with it but that was my first attempt.

Emma has amended the stall display according to our new colour scheme


There is still a lot more work to be done and our min focus now is the audience and investigating their reaction to our item. That was my worry at the beginning is that even though the product is unique, original is if it will sell as we may not be able to reach out to our target audience.

What I gained the most from working on this project is experience working with Adobe Packages. I have even discovered programme called Adobe Dimension CC which is perfect for branding and also came across Adobe Fuse CC where you can make 3D human models for your projects and animations. I am intermediate when it comes to digital work but I always take on a tasks rather than saying “I don’t know how to do it”. I then go on youtube to look for tutorials and try it out. There is no other way than you can learn rather than giving it a go. Things don’t happen on its own. No learning no progress.


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