Amelie Barnathan

Today’s hot house talk guest was Amelie Barnathan. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend and it feels weird as last year I haven’t missed a single day of uni.

This French born and London-based artist is trying to get the spectator involved and make them think and get involved rather than just get it at first sight.

“My drawings traverse the historical to mythical through dreams and nightmares. I am invested in creating new, alternative and absurd universes, fuelled by historical and contemporary references through personal fantasies and desires.”

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 19.36.05.png
“Young witches” ink, watercolour on paper

What I like about her work is that her images are hand made not digital. Also even though the context is serious, mystical or scary she still uses bright colours.


Her work is quite deep and touches sensitive and serious problems such as above piece that studies mass psychogenic illness (MPI). She also refers to historical creatures or events and rituals. The use of symbolism borrowed from mythology, and imagery of fantasised memories are very much present.

I must admit that her pieces of work are the ones when you see people sometimes in galleries standing in front of one piece for a long time turning and twisting their heads trying to work out what the artist meant. To be honest if I looked at it without first reading about it I wouldn’t have a clue what is that about especially not having the knowledge of the rituals that she refers too. Her visuals are very confident and strong.



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