Product in making

Coming up with an idea for a product is one thing and making it is another.

When I created the original 3D prototype we haven’t had the exact idea of how will it be made but I had a vision of what will it look like.


Because we needed something bendy and foldable the idea of using a wire has come up. One group member then started researching internet to find a suitable wire with clips. She has found a perfect one however the size was way out of proportions.

One clip would go on the USB the other can can be removed and that’s where the hand would go

When it comes to the hand I came up with an idea to have it laser cut as we can use the facilities for free and it will look neat and easy and quick to make. Our group member Ula had the hand laser cut for us so we can show the prototype during presentation.


I have created a prototype where I scaled the wire to the right proportions just to show what we want it to look like.

real prototype

The struggle to find a suitable wire continued and we seem not to make much progress. As an product inventor I took the responsibility on myself and along with Emma we went out to physically look for one. I believe that hands on approach is the best rather than shopping online and simply relying on pictures.

Emma took on a challenge to make one by combining a bendy cable and a strong spring.

Sha has managed to achieve it however it was a hard work and the questions still remain unanswered: how will we attach the hand? how much space will it take to transport it?and how heavy will it be for the usb to hold it?

When the idea of laser cut came up I had a vision of laser cutting the whole thing but then the wire idea took over. Quick sketch I had in my sketchbook.

laser cut sketch.jpg

After not being able to resolve the issue with wire I decided to go back to this idea. That is why it is important to test it out rather than just research. I have then created a 3D prototype to visualise it. The product will be laser cut in acrylic sheet.

final prototype2

And also a physical one to demonstrate and also be able to calculate the measurements of it and test it out on the computer.


hand side.jpg

We can pick any thickness of the acrylic sheet but 2mm seems durable. Also the item can have any length and be amended to the size of the device you are using. When folded it will be compact and it won’t take up much space. Arms will have to be attached together quite tightly and we could possibly use binding screws.

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 20.48.33.png
2mm binding screws

The only remaining issue is how to attach the clip which is in horizontal position to the product which we need to stay in vertical position. I am in process of sketching to come up with ideas.


The clip which we will be using is a bulldog clip 30 mm unless we find something even more suitable.

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 20.37.17.png

Hopefully I will be able to update my blog with the product already made.

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