Market Ready progress

As previously suggested with no objection our product was supposed to be made using laser cut technique. I have opted for this option as it provided solutions to many objections our audience had: it can it expand to any size, it will look more neat and less DIY no need of glue to be used, stronger and cheaper so as we can also calculate costs of design in our production.

I was ready to laser cut the prototype. Got the acrylic sheet ready, bought the screws but then I found out that few people from the group without any consultation went back to the original concept of a wire which we had to change because we couldn’t find a suitable one.

I was quite shocked that my idea has been disregarded without speaking to me and also the feedback we got on it wasn’t taken into consideration. I must say the wire is what I had in mind when coming up with the idea of the product but since it became impractical we had to change.



To start with the wire has been taken from an USB fan that they bought in Poundland and the ends have been taken off. Personally I believe that using someone else’s product to make ours is not right. Also the wire is too short and you cannot expand it. Another issue for me is that I don’t know how the item was made as one of the group member’s friend has made it and we haven’t been shown how so not sure how much time it takes. It may not be visible on the pictures but you can see bits of glue, scratches on it and apparently during making one of the hands broke. Also the crocodile clip is too small and it damages the USB with its teeth.

I think that was a good test but not practical enough for a final and also it took as back to where we started and at this stage we should be finalising the product and the issues that I have tried to rectify are still there. Also changing the product material a week before the presentation doesn’t seem like a good idea whilst there is more tasks to be completed.

Also the idea of laser cut worked well as the production costs were very low. When we have conducted the survey 48% of the students said they would pay £2-£3 (survey was conducted for the laser cut idea) but with the wire idea making of the product costs £3.86 and sell for £5. I wouldn’t personally pay £5 for this quality product.

In my opinion feedback is something that should be reflected and acted on. In the end of the day we receive the criticism to improve and also in real life situation when we are given a brief we want the client to accept our outcome whether we would have done it differently if we were doing it for ourselves. This is not in order to impress anyone but understand and act upon the feedback received.

Also I am confused why the packaging has been removed when I have already planned and calculated pricing for it. Instead someone came up with an idea to make a pouch (unfortunately haven’t seen it yet). They haven’t advised how will it be made and by when. Some things seemed to be discussed outside the group and not shared which I think is very unfair as I have always discussed my ideas with everyone and asked for opinion. The whole concept of the box was that it protects the item from damage and box itself is not hard to manufacture. I believe that when we make changes is to improve something existing, solve problems rather than create more issues.

I must say that the entire presentation has been changed without any discussion and for me personally looks messy, very unprofessional and all the visuals that we had had been replaced with text and random pictures from the internet.

That is how they decided to present online website etc.

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 13.40.13.png

IMG_5351 5


I understand that testing is important but none of the feedback has been taken on board and our opinion was taken wrong not as a constructive criticism but personal.





In my opinion some team members misunderstood the concept of this project. I understand this product is for students so we wanted to make it fun but there is a very thin line between fun and tacky. We still needed to make sure that we stay professional and take care of the aesthetics. In some of the posters there was no consideration for our colour scheme or the product prototype. The aesthetics seemed to be a concern as the quality of the images that were sent to us to put on the presentation could reflect on lack of care.

The prototype I have made was simply painted on and placed on the poster.
This poster has been produced using logo that was a screen shot rather than the jpeg with good quality. 



The quality of the box is very much DIY and looks very unprofessional plus doesn’t reflect the concept we had for the packaging

I understand it’s good to experiment but it would be good to have at least one final poster that goes well with our design agencies’s ideas. For now it all doesn’t match.

My main concern was that seems like some people haven’t put enough attention and care into completing their tasks. As I have reviewed other’s work previously and made sure that we reach deadlines this time I have taken a step back as my intentions were misunderstood. Everything that I have done was only for the good of the group not personal reasons.

Spelling mistakes


Alessandra made a great job with improving the business card based on the feedback we have received. I understand that the previous one had elements that could be easily taken out to make it look clearer. This is an example of good problem solving and an understanding of the criticism.


The biggest issue was keeping up with deadlines. I have had a poster sent to me in the morning and expected to place on the presentation on the day I was supposed to present. Creating extra work for me to amend the presentation in the morning. There has been a very little consideration to work that we I have done which reflected in changing the entire presentation literally removing almost everything that I have done for some reason. Also some have taken months focusing on one task and still not completing on time while others had to complete the remaining tasks on top of their own. In real life situation when you are getting paid for what you do you have to complete tasks on time otherwise they will be consequences.

I got an impression and that is entirely my opinion which I want to express in my blog, is that some haven’t done the tests and experimentation for the good of the team so as we would benefit from it. Everything I have done I shared and discussed with the team and made sure that when I deliver my outcomes it will be something that can benefit the team rather than show that I have done something and fill up my sketchbook. There is a stage when research and experimentation has to turn into some sort of outcome based on it.

I believe that proving the point shouldn’t be a drive to succeed but make sure that what we do meet expectations and what we do makes sense and is reasonable. I believed that the product had a potential and it was liked by many and I was keen on going forward with what we have done so far but things took turn that it all went backwards and the potential of the product was lost.


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