Pamphlet experimentation 2

This time I will try to work with less colour and add more shapes and texture.

The previous layout of the pamphlet I have picked, after unfolding has all images next to each other so I still need to reconsider if I want to go with it.

What I have done here is cutting the image into shapes and reducing the opacity then layering it on top of each other. Placing one image in colour on top of  black and white one created kind of 3D effect.

test 4.jpg

I like the idea of the 3D effect as it makes the image look distorted and it goes well with my theme. Emotional abuse is something that is not visible straight away and it’s not obvious at first glance. It can also be confusing and be used in disguise for example when your partner is putting you down by making hurtful jokes but then covers it up wit the fact that it was only a joke making you look like you are crazy for exaggerating.

I then slowly introduced more colour in a way that it work well together and it’s not too colourful but rather toned down. That’s one thing I have learnt from last year that less is more and now I can kind of control what I m doing more.


WhatI have also been trying to do is scale the image.  Focusing on one part of the image I would cut it out and play with the size and colour. I wanted the image to be still clear an at the same time blend it in with the background creating a lot of layers. I wanted to reflect how complex the emotional abuse is and how it hides under the layers of different type of manipulative behaviour.

b&w images and shapes test 5.jpg

This image looks a bit dreamy like a memory or like an emotion that the victim is trying to recall.

b&w images and shapes 2

I have cut out some shapes of the image from different parts and layered it together.

wow test 2I have edited the background image and created halftone effect to make the rest stand out more and make it look. little bit old and memory like. The problem with halftone effect is scaling the image: when you try to make image bigger it gets a bit messed up.

finalyy final.jpg

I experimented with the shapes only as I quite liked the texture I achieved. That could be good for the cover for instance.

more tests 13

I am still sticking with idea of the poster and that is the version of it for this experiment.

poster mash up 2

I have then decided to created an overall layout of the pamphlet to see what will it look like. I will print all of the experimental pamphlets out and that the best way to see visually how will it work. I know this looks messy now but it’s work in progress.


Having a big poster on the other side kind of limits the amount of pages I can use to only 8. I may not be able to fit all the images with quotes and information that I was planning to. I think one of the biggest challenges is yet ahead of me. Printing on both sides and then cutting it and folding.

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