Pamphlet experimentation 3

Following up my previous experimentation ( Pamphlet experimentation 2) I liked the way image was kind of 3D . It gave me an idea to present the images in 3D as distorted reality.

3D boat

3D fire

I like that the images are black and white and have that coloured tone to it that makes the image a bit dreamy.

I need to remember not to go overboard as I have a tendency to do but I have consider making the poster for it by editing it and creating bitmapping effect.

desert halftone.jpg

Working on this pamphlet really showed me that there is so much to consider from picking the correcting images and making sure that if I edit them they will be clear enough. That is why some of my images might be left out.

I would have to play around with minimal amount of colours: black, white, blue and red so at it won’t look too messy. I opted for blue and red as the 3D effect colors are similar.

This is my new layout for the pamphlet. Having a good physical mock-up proved really helpful when you need to plan the visual layout in digital programmes.


I have edited picture to mono colours and also added one more page with statistics. My pamphlet has more text than images as it also has to serve the purpose of being informative. I decided not to place the poster on the back so this way I can have more space to sqeeze in more information.

This is how the new layout looks like beforefolding. It’s not repetitive like it was with my very first experimentation.




INSIDE.jpgIt goes without saying that testing out the print in advance is very important as you may detect any issues. It this case it made me discover one mistake I made while preparing the file. The part that needs to be cut off if it’s on the left side of one image then needs to be on the right side of the other image otherwise one of the images will have to be printed upside down.

I will review all my test in the next blog after its printed and reflect on what needs changing.

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