All that glitters is not gold

Continuing with my experimentation for the project Activism on emotional abuse I have had an idea to create the impression of something looking pretty or just normal and then when you look closely you realise it is actually nasty. I went to the art shop and spotted this.

FullSizeRender 5.jpg

It gave me an idea to create crystals with abusive words in it. It was just a test so I haven’t thought it through that maybe I could have used an acetate. Problem is that the mixture contains chemicals that melt the ink. Also I have put some sharp bits in it to show the contrast of nice crystals with sharp bits in it.

FullSizeRender 4.jpg
few tests of the crystals with abusive quotes

My tutor has suggested that it would be fun if I turned it into badges. I had the badge making equipment already. I have used the designs which is not mine but I found it fun. Imagine the design catches your eye but then when you get closer and read what it says it puts you off?  Also a lot of  activists use badges to promote their cause. I have decided to present them on my jacket to see what it will look like when its worn. Few examples:




Maybe not the best way to present it in sketchbook

This whole experiment was to show how people who are subjected to the abuse do not notice is straight away. Some of actions of the perpetrator don’t seem like an abuse at the first sight. In some situations person who is trying to manipulate another person with their actions will try to make it sounds like the reason for their action is to make things better for them. For instance, in the relationship if a person is trying to reduce their partner’s contact with their family or friends by saying that they want to spend all the time with them instead, at first sight may not seem harmless however in many cases they emotionally manipulate that person by making them feel bad for not wanting to stay with them and picking their family and friends over them. It may push that person away from their loved one or distant them.

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