“Emotional abuse is a silent killer”

I have decided to come back to my original images as these are powerful on its own. I have also reduced text as my images speak for itself, showing a lot of emotions without me having to explain it. I have experimented a lot with changing colours, layers and size but I believe that it only took away the meaning from the original images.

At first I tried how would the text fit in embedded with the images. My pamphlet will be this time more visual than informative.


I decided to use the key words: Emotional abuser silent killer. After the pamphlet is folded the order doesn’t matter as any order makes sense: silent abuse, emotional killer etc.

Pamphlet 5 inside

I have then worked on the poster and decided to create a photomontage using my photographs.

First test.

What I was aiming at is to present a person on the lonely land surrounded by water with no way out. The person (my clay model) is seeing a light in the forest indicating a way out  but not being able to enter due to the fear of fire. At this stage I have only visualised how I want it to look.

poster forest

This is the final outcome. All of the photographs were previously taken by me and then I did photomontage and edited few bits and pieces to make it work together.

poster new

Testing out in b&w mode.

b&w poster

Trying to tone down the colours by editing it in old style to make it look more dreamy.

poster new old style

Because the poster is very rich in colour I want the from page to be doned down by testing it in b&w mode and sepia.

pamphlet 5 b&w version

pamphlet 5 sepia version

Then I went on to try and photograph it so as the audience can have an idea of what will it look like after folding it. It was quite tricky as the paper was thin so I had to put some cardboard inside to stabilise it. Also the fact that I broke one of my lamps didn’t help.

2-good one.jpg

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