“Invisible wounds”

I have gone back to my plaque after reflecting on all of my experimental work.

A lot of abuse victims suffer in silence and when it comes to emotional abuse victims their pain and wounds caused by the abuse is not easy to spot straight away. Because the damage is caused on emotional level it seems invisible and insignificant to some people and it’s not treated seriously as physical pain.

You can find inspiration everywhere you go. I saw this shattered glass that makes the image behind it seem distorted and the only part where you can see the original image is the left corner where the glass fell off. That gave me an idea for my plaque.


This is a digital mock up. I wanted the image to be only visible through cracks but instead of cracks I opted for words “Invisible Wounds”. Wounds that can only be seen when you look underneath the surface.


Playing around with the knockout effect. I have tried to make the text seem not visible unless you look closely just like the pain of the victims.


To reflect the invisibility I decided to use transparent clear acrylic sheet. The top acrylic sheet will have a frosty effect which will make the image (whichI will place in-between the sheets) seem a bit blurry.

I decided to use one of the images that I have created previously where I was trying to show confusion, anger, cry and loads more emotions mixed together.

I decided to recreate the b&w image on acetate so as the whole plaque is see-through.


When the front acrylic sheet is held with a little distance from the image it makes the image more blurry and you can only see it clearly through the letters. That gives the knockout effect in 3D.

FullSizeRender 4.jpg


I have then used the see-through letters to experiment. Also I need to think how to assemble the plaque together as I decided not to use any screws and have holes made in the acrylic sheets. Now I kind of regret it. I have also noticed that even though I ordered both sheets in A5 size one seems to be bigger for some reason.


Playing around with the letters that were cut out and using the light.


I tend to leave things for too late as I think I can still come up with ideas last minute. I have looked at Pinterest to see different ways acrylic frames are assembled and hanged.

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 15.12.13.png

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 15.16.35.png

This is the final outcome of my tests:

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