“This is my everyday life”

Looking back at my experimentation I have decided to use for my final banner images that I have created trying to recreate the gaslighting effect ( “You are not going crazy”).

“gaslight-manipulate (someone) by psychological means into doubting their own sanity.”

Also because my research into it revolved around the movie “Gaslight” I have used that connection to present how experiencing this type of emotional manipulation can feel like a movie as it doesn’t seem real but at the same time it is a reality for many people these days.

To present the movie aspect I have used film reel and placed images inside it. I have set my mind too much on landscape mode  and it took me a while to work out how to organise the layout.

banner 3.jpg

As per usual me trying to add text with the image was a struggle. Now I am a lot more considerate and aware that type can distract from the image if not considered well.

banner 2 copy

How about text in film reel and images around it? Seems a little bit too clattered. Experimentation continues.

banner final copy.jpg

I took away the key words with question marks as I don’t want to suggest or influence the viewer into how they should feel while  looking at the images.

I have opted to go with black and white images to recreate the old movie effect. Also I have found a way to simplify my design and at the same time go back to the very first experiment where I would place images inside film reel in vertical position.

This is the outcome.


The banner is 76×180. The vertical position makes it look like unfolding film reel.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 10.42.48.png

I could possibly work on the images a bit more maybe create that 40’s look to it but the reason why I opted for black and white is that my pamphlet has black and white images and also my plaque has black images which adds more seriousness to the whole topic of emotional abuse.


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