Roman Road revisited

Our new project is closely linked to Roman Road: vision of Roman Road in 100 years. To get the idea about the area is crucial to visit it for yourself but this time with your eyes wide open. I understand this area has a lot of history but visually it was same as any other areas to be honest.

I have taken few pictures which quickly generated some ideas in my head. This is a cemetery next to the Bow Church.





I have used this image when I was practicing with Premiere. I have placed children’s drawing on it. It gave me an idea of combining coloured images from the future with black and white from the past.


I have also visited children’s library on Roman Road.


I have found myself in an alley way behind the shops opposite the Mulberry UTC school as I have noticed a set of stairs. I found those two posters which definitely stand out in this rather neglected spot.


I have taken some pictures from different views and angles to automatically made connections to the sounds I have recorded previously. This one I recorded in the library in children’s section.


There was something creepy about the way this man looked straight at me after all the kids walked past. Also I liked how the shadow of the lady appeared next to him in that dark tunnel. I know for sure I want my story to be chilling and involve children.



There was a lot of children around the area and you could hear their laughter and screaming everywhere. I have taken some recordings and using the screen shot from the voice recorder I generated an image of the sound wave. Then using Adobe Capture I traced and image of it. This can be used at a later stage.


Images of underground and tracks has a lot of different marks: waves, lines in different thickness and positioning, different layouts of the lines.


Taking this image and rotating it gives and idea of a passage in a tunnel going down.


In this position you can see the lines create a circle and it reminds me of a swirl on the water


After the end of the visit my head has already accumulated few ideas but I still needed a reference point that would have a connection to the area. Gathering materials without knowing whether it will be useful or not it’s tricky but at the same time like in my case materials gave me idea for a story. I will definitely involve underground and children who are no longer with us.

At the time of taking a picture you don’t think much of it but after analysing it you can see more to it. Also looking at it from different angles or cropping it can create another image. At the moment I am confused about my storyline but we will get there in the end.

Places I must visit:

  • Tower Hamlets Cemetary
  • Tower Hamlets Local history and archives

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