Today’s Hot House talk guest was Kellenberger–White which is a London-based graphic design consultancy specialising in art direction, the design of typefaces, identities, books and exhibitions, as well as campaigns, information graphics and websites for individuals, businesses and cultural institutions.

I must say that this hot house talk wasn’t the most exciting I have attended. The person who was representing it wasn’t very lively and engaging. However I got dragged in when she was explaining the process of the design which was interesting.

When it comes to the work they have done I must say is impressive as they collaborated with many like V&A, Barbican Centre, Tate etc. It was very much graphic design based projects.

The most interesting part for me was the process they go through when designing a typeface. The one below is very much my favourite as it looks like it was cut out with a knife. As the project was about the development of ceramics they cut the letters in clay and then screen printed it. What we see below is a finished digital version.

Tate – That Continuous Thing

Few more examples of their work

White Cube – Zhang Huan


MIT Press – Speculative Everything

If you find their work inspiring and would like to find out more visit:

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