Projection mapping workshop

Okey so I will start with saying that this workshop has solved my riddle of how to present a person from the past as a hologram. Using a projector and a software Millumin I can create an image either still or moving and project it on the background made by me. Projector would make my image look dreamy like a ghost and that is exactly the effect I am going for.

Here is the test I have done previously with an acetate. The background is a prop of a cemetery that I have made.


The problem that I have faced is that it doesn’t blend in with the background well even though its an acetate and it’s tricky to get good focus. Also acetate can reflect light as its surface is smooth. So projection is exactly what I needed.

We have been using a Millumin software. The image layout etc is control with the software. The whole set up is in our animation tent which I wish we had last year.


We had a go at it ourselves and the theme was Christmas. Because I love Christmas so much I created a series of images with a big ugly toe coming out of the Christmas stocking. Yes I am Scrooge. What is amazing about this software is that you can also layer videos on top of images and then create a mask for it to blend in.


We were shown an example of a type of installation The Ice Book by Davy and Kristin McGuire which I found absolutely genius.

Artist Clement Briend created this piece using large projectors and displaying images on trees. Obviously this project is on a huge scale but we can get ideas of what can be achieved using projection.

Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 12.59.42.png
Divine Trees

I wish we would do more of workshops like that as I feel this is my type of thing and it really inspires me to do more work. If the topic of my project was more free I would also feel more free to run my imagination wild like I did with an animation last year. Having to refer back to Roman Road kind of exposes limitations on me but hey will do my best.


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