The Paper Library talk

I have missed attending hot house talks when the guest talks about their work with so much passion that it engages you and has an amazing knowledge in their field.

It was great that we  were given samples of paper with various GSM and the lady has talked us through all of them.


The best part was when we were given a generous amount of A5 paper with different textures and I must say room was filled with joy and people were amazed how many different textures are out there. Here is just few examples.

img_6466.jpgimg_6472.jpgimg_6471.jpgimg_6469.jpgIMG_6468IMG_6467 2

We were talked through the process of making it but unfortunately we have run out of time to go through them all. This hot house talk was very much knowledgeable and especially a treat for graphic designers and people passionate about paper.

Building cut out using laser cut technique.

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