Let me tell you a story…

It may sound creepy but visit to the Tower Hamlets Cemetery got my imagination buzzing and to top it up I visited Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives. Staff there was amazing with the support and I even got a book for free to take with me.


It contains a CD with both adults and children trails
Mention about victims being buried at Tower Hamlets Cemetery

I cannot say I don’t like history because I do but I am selective when it comes to what I like. Finding the story about Bethnal Green disaster was just perfect for me as a point of reference.

When I was at the cemetery I was looking at textures that I could recreate, shapes, shades and the overall vibe.


Light falling on the only life there

Here is my prop made of clay, decorative moss, sticks and graves coloured with acrylics.


I have watched some TED talks about how people see future however what caught my attention as an ex psychology student is the psychological aspects. How our memories from the past could be downloaded into brains in the future. I will not get into details as it it too much to say but my idea is to create a creature who would be the representation of the transfer of the memories. At the beginning I was thinking to make kids from the past come back and enjoy childhood with kids of the future but the way things go in this world I think kids from the past could be a good support for the future kids.

I have made this alien looking one eye creature and placed it in my scenery. It looks a bit like a spaceman but the strings were supposed to represent electrodes as a mean of memory transfer…still work in progress



From this point I have focused on eye itself as it is an organ that records the memories, visual memories that I think I stronger than smell or touch.

In my next blog I will show my experimentation with an eye recalling memories and many more.

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