Children of the future

My story is taking a little different twist as at the beginning I was going to represent children who died in Bethnal Green disaster coming back to the future to reclaim their  lost childhood and future children helping them with it.

However after listening to the testimonials of people who were children the time of the war and who survived the Bethnal Green disaster there was an recurring theme of them saying that regardless of the fact they were growing up in World War 2 they still considered their childhood great. They spoke about the sense of community and the community created in air raid shelter, their friendships. When I was in the archives library I read that they had a library, theatre hall, shops. The spirit of the people was amazing at those difficult times.

Part 1

To represent kids from the future I made a puppet with a wire and modelling clay. At the beginning it didn’t really look promising. It looks rather creepy and it reminded me of the days when I was in the theatre group and made puppets and worked on the scene design. If I was going for Children Of the Corn type of story that would be ideal.

This is the final but I am still not happy with the face as it has no life. Still looks rather scary.

I have come up with a solution to that. Why not add life to it in a form of a moving image? I have made a test on a still image but it can be added on the video as well. I have used the blinking eye I made before.

Things do go wrong sometimes, somehow I have managed to make one eye grow bigger but because I know how to reverse it and where it went wrong I quickly rectified it.

I like the idea of mixing a still image with a moving image or even two moving images combined together. Adobe software allows me to combine all of it in order to achieve the effect I want.

I believe that those children who died in the disaster could come back 100 years later from now to teach future kids how to enjoy childhood to the fullest, not relying on technology for entertainment and appreciate childhood more. Also to bring back the sense of community that in 100 years might be lost. Even though I am not 100 years old I can see a huge difference between my childhood and how young people are these days and by the way things are going a lot of positive values can be lost along the way.

Part 2

Who plays with a kite these days? Drones are definitely taking over but no one knows the enjoyment of how you control it with your whole body not just simply pressing buttons. That is just one example of how some toys or activities are being replaced and forgotten.

In my story line I wanted to do flashbacks of the past to show the terror of war that still haven’t taken away the fun aspect from children’s lives.

I have made a small kite then using a small fan and green screen as a background I made it fly around.

This didn’t work well as you could see the reflection of  green screen in the gold material and after trying to remove the background some parts of the kite were missing.


Solution: simple white kite.

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

This is the outcome with a video of the air raid in the background

The video of the kite might also be a transition into the air raid but this is just a test for  now. Transition as a part of the flashback of the past.

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