The seen and unseen

Like I have explained in my previous blog I am doing an experimentation with an eye to represent vision, things that have been seen and recorded in the memory. Even though other senses are strong, vision is the strongest one as we don’t just see images but we can also “see” smell, sound, touch. It all goes back to creating an image in our head, memory.

Presenting an alien around the scenery as an opening act



I have made an eye lid from the same string as the alien was made with, covered it with PVA glue to harden it and used fake eyelashes which I bought purely for art purposes.

Okey I am pretty sure that experienced people would know what the problem with this picture is? green eye on a green screen. At the time It didn’t ring the bell.


And this is what happened after I tried to remove the background. Oh well you learn on mistakes.

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 14.28.11

I did consider taking shots and then making a gif but I decided to animate this eye by myself. So I have made a little stick covered it in green paper, attached to the back of the eyelid and that enabled me to move the eyelid up and down.

. This is the outcome after removing the background:

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 12.13.53

There is few imperfections around the and inside but that is just a matter of editing it.

I am aware that blinking doesn’t look natural but that was my first shot at it and I would do few things differently next time. Besides it doesn’t have to. As this was my original idea I couldn’t really refer to anything for help.

Here is few more experimentations I have done involving the eye:

Not quite sure why the quality is bad that is something I need to investigate.

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 13.11.21

So I have created a type coming down with names of the child victims from Bethnal Green disaster and placed it on the image of the alien (pic 1) and replaced his eye with the video of the eye I created earlier. The names coming down will represent data being downloaded through the eye of the alien as memories being passed to the future generation. I don’t like calling my creature an alien as that was not the plan, he is just simply a symbol of transition between past and the future.

Pic 1

I have also tried using green text so as it looks like data being downloaded. It kind of looks too much like Matrix though.

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 13.22.37screen-shot-2018-03-01-at-13-23-38.png

This can however be changed at any time as I found a way to transfer compositions between Premiere and After Effects so as whatever is edited in After Effects it updates automatically in Premiere.

I love working with digital software as it allows me to let my imagination run wild, it always has answers to my vision. I remember at the very beginning of my studies saying I am not a big fan now however things have changed. I think at the beginning it was scary as it was unknown and overwhelming. Still Youtube remains my tutor as the tutorials available on there have everything I need. The process is time consuming but well worth it when the outcome is how you have imagined it.




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