“Childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies”

Continuing with my project I wanted to create a scene where kids play, run around simply being kids. The child from the past is teaching the future generation how to enjoy their childhood to the fullest. It’s an optimistic yet sad story as their is a lot of innocence lost in children.

I had a very good attempt at making a little bicycle but I have failed as it would have to be specifically made to fit the doll.

Remains of what was supposed to be an amazing bicycle

Props making requires good problem solving skills. When things go wrong you just need to keep trying to come up with alternatives. I have decoded to use a picture of a bike and only animate the wheels. This idea seems “easier”. I can then animate a doll riding the bike.

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 22.04.03

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 11.20.30
Screenshot from the movie. Spinning the wheel and recording

This is a video of just a bike going through the cemetery.

I have previously made this quick animation of a running doll and decided to use it with my bike.

running kid 1.jpg
Still from the movie

I know this will look funny as she looks like her bike is running away but I will animate a child from the past on it.

I have also tinted the background to add this futuristic effect and also added the eye to continue the story of the messenger between the generations who is overlooking the kids playing.

What I find exciting about this process is how things don’t go to plan but in a good way. One idea generates another and story starts to be born. I am also considering narration to help understand the story. It will be told by the child who died during Bethnal Green Tube disaster but enjoyed good childhood despite growing up in a war zone.

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