Final outcome

Before I talk about the final let me talk about few scenes leading to that.

I have used the image that I have made at risk printing session with ink. I turned it into a circle and then changed colours. I did stick to the colours of the sky purple and orange.

Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 19.13.26
Close up of the image looks rather interesting

Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 19.23.24

In every scene there is a reference to the Bethnal Green disaster and here towards the end they are falling into spinning tunnel just like people fell to their death in underground shelter. I was planning to make a real slide like I did the swing but run out of time.

Pics to print 5


Girls will be dragged into the aliens eye and girl from the past that was sent to Earth will take girl from the future with her. Same way as she came to Earth.

spinning eye.jpg

The underground was aliens/messenger’s eye all that time. He was the connection between past and the future.

I have also thought of video transition that would make an effect of the wheel coming closer.

slide swirl

There is so much to the video and any extra effect is important. Here I made sure that the video transition makes and effect that the big eye changes to the smaller eye. eye to eye

I do waste my time sometimes but it takes practice to learn tricks. I have spent so much time to draw hands for the girl to do pick a boo but then in the scene she moved so fast that you can even see the hands properly.

Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 17.09.28.png

Here is my little set up at the exhibition.


My only concern was that many people wouldn’t get to see me animation which would make the whole set up pull together. Because it was mixed with everyone else animations you would have to wait for it to show up.

I have used coloured sand to match the sky and to decorate the swing.


And here is the final outcome. Enjoy

I must say I am proud because I know how much time it has taken me and how many times things have gone wrong=how many times my Mac almost flew out of the window ha. People who make moving image will understand how much work it involved to even create one minute video. I have challenged myself on a different level and learned so much in the process. I definitely need to carry on doing animations as nothing else gives me this much pleasure and fun.

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