The power to achieve

I must say that towards the end of this year I have improved my skill to move on from having an idea to the execution without overthinking things. So this time I have a bit of a time pressure so I decided to cut corners a bit.

Just to remind what the story is about. My idea is to create an animation that would represent a journey full of adventures. The world created would be a real life world but in a cartoon form with a real life person as a main character to represent the person being taken away by the possibilities and experiencing different type of situations. The story will be very dynamic and with elements representing also the overwhelming feeling that people get when thinking of using complex software or new technological inventions.

The real life person is going to be me recorded on the green green performing movements that are needed for each scene for instance running away, jumping etc.

I have previously made an animation using a song that I wrote myself and had my friend recoded it for me however this time I will use a mild rock/punk song that is dynamic and will spice up the action of the video.

Here is few stills from some of the scenes so far:

Jumping in the car (0-00-02-02)

The effect I was going for was like a video game style. I have applied cartoon effect that makes the real life photograph look like a digital drawing. I have used already existing images from the internet as drawing the Earth or a beach from scratch will take too long. I have then edited it myself by adding some simple motion etc.

Pigeon in space (0-00-04-14).jpg

Flying ant (0-00-02-16).jpg

This scene would be an example of the using a free stock green screen recording of a flying ant. I have only used the ones that the creator allows to use for free.

Surfing (0-00-00-23).jpg

Scenes will take place on land, water, air, underwater just so as there is more dynamism. I have tried to keep the style of the animation going throughout each scene.

In order to record myself and edit myself in each scene I have to have every scene roughly finished to know what movements I need to do and at what angle.


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