Project 3: 3D tour

So after failed projection mapping I am going back to the idea of presenting my work in the Bethnal Green Tube station. At the beginning I wanted to recreate an underground shelter to make it look like a tube station but why not exhibit work in actual station?

There is hundreds and hundreds of people travelling through that station everyday.

Unfortunately there was no shortcuts so I had to make walls of the stations from scratch. All pictures from the internet were taken from the side but I needed one facing the wall. I have copied tiles from the original picture and recreated empty walls so as I can place my images on there.



Also ceiling and floor needed to be recreated.

All put together in 3D mode. I have curved the ceiling as well to make it look more realistic.

3D tour proposal 3.jpg

I will work on details when I get time as working with 3D is tricky as it is.

The information displayed on walls will be about the disaster: crucial facts such as the fact government tried to hide the disaster, testimonials and pictures. Also I may put stills from my animation somewhere with the explanation what the story is about. If I get time I will make a tour from the entrance to the platform but that sounds quite time consuming.

Here is a version with posters and projected animation

3D tour proposal (0-00-00-02)_1

I am also thinking of having a voice over for the tour to describe what we are seeing.

I am still in process of thinking where to project my animation. It’s a one minute animation so thats great as you get trains coming every one or two minutes.


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