Art on the Underground film research

I am going back to Art on the Underground to have a look at how projects with film and audio were displayed on the underground.

Film and Video Umbrella

This film has been projected in Canary Wharf on a very big screen. As you can see the area is open and has a lot of space making sure that people can stop and watch.

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 18.12.38.png

Position of the screen is perfect as people who go down the stairs can watch it.

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 18.14.51.png

This is actually excellent as that is something that I would be doing with my proposal.

I think when it comes to the audio my animation would make an impact as I recall few reactions to it from the uni exhibition. There is a reason for the sounds that I have chosen and why it sounds a bit creepy. The story of the disaster is not supposed to be sweet and fun as the disaster and the circumstances surrounding it weren’t. This is what I want to highlight in my exhibition too. How the lives were lost in vain and on top of that government was trying to cover up the disaster. The uplifting part of my animation is the fact that the kids were happy and simply remained “kids”.

I can image the sound of my animation travelling through the underground tunnels and people being intrigued. I will only focus on the platform part as it will be way too complex to make a tour around the whole station.;main_select=all&action=search_loop_handler

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