Finally final

So the book is finally finished, sent off to print and arriving on the 10th of May. I am already nervous  as knowing my luck there is something I have missed.

I am glad I gave my book to a friend to proof read as there were so many spelling mistakes that I suspect I might be dyslexic. I have gone over the book so many time that I think my brain just assumed what is reading.

I have complicated things for myself a bit by choosing 10X8 inch size for my book and limiting myself to where I can gave it printed off. The reason I have picked this particular side is because of the content: I wanted it to look like a photo book and the layouts I have picked worked perfectly for me as I could fir in two pictures of development and explanation on one page without it making look cramped.

It is available on ISSUU now so you can have a sneak peak of it.

I am proud that I have managed to do it in a good timely manner without feeling rushed.  It is natural to look back at the book and say “I should have done this ” and “I would have changed that” the more time you have the more changes you will make.

Looking at it on ISSUU makes it look more like a book. I cannot wait for the final as I think it will look even better in real life.

In the next very final blog I will review the real deal as see it it all came out as I wanted it to.

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