Collection book is here!

So the moment has finally come…I was so nervous to open it.

I must say I am very pleased with the service and even though I have paid quite a lot just for two copies but the quality of the paper and the cover is very good. The quality of the print itself is great and it only enhanced some of my images.

I will start with pointing out some technical issues then discuss what I would have done differently when it comes to design.

I almost got a heart attack when I saw that the very first fault is on the cover, first thing people see when looking at my book. I must have somehow got confused with the bleeds thinking that the one to the left will need more space for binding.


I am glad that the colour came out as I wanted it to. And here is the spine…I am out of words…It’s spilling too much to the side.


Next I believe that type is way too close to the edge but at the same time I am rubbish at layouts etc so not sure if it’s just me.


Maybe I shouldn’t be pointing out faults as some people may not notice it but if my wonky eye did then I am pretty sure everyone else will.


The text doesn’t seem to be in line and no idea how that happened since it was the same type box. Looking back at Indesign not sure what’s going on.

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 16.11.14.png

Okey how did the surname of the photographer “Browne” got there and how I have not noticed it all that time will remain a mystery. Even though I have worked on this book for many weeks because I have looked at it so many times some issues I haven’t even noticed as if my brain was used to seeing it often and just memorising.


Looking at some pages I was thinking that it looked a bit blank, it only had a type and a picture. But at the same time I didn’t want to overload the page and keep the focus on my work. This one here I think the images should have been more to the left. Again miscalculated the bleed.


I was thinking that maybe I could have added some of the pattern from the previous chapter page to add to it? like lets say those brush strokes add next to the projection mapping experimentation title or next to the images?


I must say that holding the book things look so different than when it was on the screen. Having the design on screen I found it hard to visualise what would it look like in real life. I must say that overall it does look like what I wanted it to. It is like a photobook so I kept the content minimal: images, type and simple designs and the images I wanted to include spice up the book.






I believe that the quality of the images I have make the book appealing but still to find out about the layouts etc because that is what my tutors will be looking at. I believe some pages you could see that I was confused how to design it and those pages were the ones that don’t have my work on it like CCS.

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