Visual Proposal final…almost

I may have mentioned in my previous blog that my proposal will consist of 4 parts:

  1. Introduction into Bethnal Green disaster-it will explain more if people are not familiar with the disaster
  2. My reposes to the Project: Roman Road 100 years from now-explaining my animation and the historical connection with the disaster
  3. Visual tour- idea of how could I present my work in a real life situation
  4. Promotional materials- how will I promote my work being displayed.

I wanted to make the whole proposal interactive even if there is just a little pit of movement as I didn’t want it to be just a typical flat slideshow.

I have been working with a 3D camera in After Effects where you have 2D images placed in a way that when camera travels it moves along. I have seen this technique used in many documentaries.

Screen Shot 2018-05-05 at 19.42.19.png

As I talk about the disaster there will be pictures of the child victims appearing on the screen.

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 09.52.36

I am not quite sure if I am happy with the promotional side of the proposal but this is the part where I haven’t maybe done enough research on so opted for billboard promotion on the high street.

As for my promotional poster I haven’t had it printed yet but here is an idea. It will consist of three layers. I have considered printing on the coloured paper but I have some sheets from previous riso printing with this pattern.

blue circle.jpg

Using Adobe Capture I have traced the underground set that I made and that will be printed in black

promo poster

On top of that I will print scribbles in red. This is just a Photoshop idea and riso ink looks different.

red part

Hopefully it looks better in real life as here is quite dark but the print itself I can chose the tone.

riso poster demo.jpg

Just blue looks quite okey but my previous Riso may stay just blue

riso poster demo2

In order to introduce each part I will do a chapter where I explain what will I be talking about just so it will give me time to introduce it before it will start playing.

visual proposal

Overall I am not sure if it works all together but I wanted my proposal to make sense as to why I am displaying this work and why I chose that particular location.

here is the poster for the billboard. It may have stretched a bit but I still have time to amend things. Things do take time when it’s done digitally as whoever doesn’t use digital packages may not be aware of that.

billboard and poster.jpg

Here is the outcome however not final yet as it hasn’t got my voiceover.


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