Project 1: Boundaries

Work Ready 2 module (previously Creative Industry Practice) started of with first group project and this time we picked our own groups. I really like the fact that this year we get more freedom and our feedback from last year was listened to and things have improved.

We were given a brief to work on in conjunction with London Borough of Tower Hamlets, The City of London Corporation and The Case Projects Office.

My group have picked a project called “Balcony art installation”. We will be designing an art installation using side parapet at first floor level. The installation may feature different images, lighting, writing depending on viewer’s position to allow for different messages to support navigation and create interest.

First most important is to visit the site and get the vibe of the area and the street which is Brick Lane, just North of the Brick Lane arch.

Here is few photographs of the balconies we will be working on. We have focus on different angles considering different positions viewer’s might be seeing the installation from.

View from Brick Lane Arch, balconies are to the left


Balconies itself, white, plain, straight surfaces


above two sets of door there is a peak that could be used to have things attached to
view from the side, balconies are situated above the shops


we could also focus on how the windows and doors could play a part in the installation


In the next blog I will be looking at different types of balcony installation and more research into art installation.


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