Soundwave play

This experimentation focuses on turning sound into an image.

It reminds me of when last year in one of my projects I have used a sound wave of kids laughter and then I distorted it and used as a background for my animation.

Bringing dead to life

As you can see the beginning of the image is very erratic and you can tell that sound was very drastic and strong. Towards the end it calms down and soothes

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 20.22.47

I have transferred it into After Effects and learnt new skills in audio-visual editing. I have used the sound wave of the project sound and all I did is change colours, direction and position of the sound wave. The effect I have achieved looked rather 80’s, glowy disco like effect. Not a huge fun of it but it was just to play around.

Then I tried mograph effector feature in Cinema 4d.

What is it is creating shapes, forms and then playing around with frequency you let sound dictate the movement of each shape. You can control a lot of aspects as delay or density of it, how high it jumps etc. You can see the instability, shakiness, randomness and a lot of sudden movements.

After experimenting on the platonic shape I wanted to test what would it look like if I created some parasite like creatures.

soundwave experiment parasites (0-00-01-19).jpg

It gives na impression that you are being attacked by them and towards the end when the sound cools down they fall apart and seem to struggle to come to the top as strongly as it did at the beginning.

I had 5000 frames created for this to cover the whole track. To transfer it to the After Effects I have downloaded in as tiff for better quality as mov files are compressed and can lose out on qality. I am not joking but it took good 15hours. I am concerned about wellbeing of my mac this year haha. I may explode from the overload.

The purpose of this experimentation is to simply visual the sound for my project. How does it operate in 3D environment and to get an idea of its dynamics in 3D space. Basically see the sound.

I will be using Adobe Audition to edit the original sound, maybe give it more beat and energy? I am talking like I know how to do it but I know I am stubborn if I wanna achieve specific effect so we will see. I have basically used the programme once and for very simple editing.

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 20.29.55.png

The outcomes of this experimentation is not something that I aim for in my final but to be honest at this stage I don’t have an aim, I got with where experimentation takes me to. I am also still discovering my possibilities with digital packages.

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