Balcony art installation experimentation

Here is few examples of ideas for the balcony art installation project. This is just an experimental stage so the final idea is not confirmed yet.

I have printed of images of the balconies and in this experiment I have created a 3D balcony to attach strings to it. Strings have been attached from the roof to the balcony.

By interweaving we could create either an image, meaningful pattern or illustrative typography.

This could possibly be carried on from the balcony to the ground or even to the buildings opposite.


By the use of fabrics I have tried to recreate traditional patterns from different cultures such as Bangladeshi or African. Same fabrics could be used to cover the building. This may not look like patterns but just geometrical shapes but that is just a concept. This could be turned into either images or typography.

We could also use textured materials and create a collage. Same material used on the building and in a form of typography or 3D images on the balcony to create one big installation.



Of course we will have to consider health and safety aspects for both pedestrians and residents of the flats which balconies we would be working but we are at the very early stage.

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