Inside brain cells…

I have looked one again at textures, shapes, colours that you can find inside the brain. I must say that the variety is amazingly broad.

I have then try recreate it analogue way so as I can get an idea of the environment I wanna create for my animation. Once again I am not aiming to recreate brain but to use its texture as an inspiration as it is very rich and I find a lot of inspiration from it. Even if I tried copying is not a word in my dictionary.

I have looked at some images from the internet to get ideas. This is just very few.




I have then using acrylic paint and black paper play around.




I wasn’t happy with it because it felt a bit dull, flat and not very engaging. I have turned into After Effects to help me boost it up a bit and played around with some effects such as glass, glow.

Brain texture 1Brain texture 2Brain texture 3Brain texture 4

You can see its more lively and it has that 3D feel to it as some of the effects added more texture to it. For instance 3rd one looks like some bacteria put under a microscope. In this case I believe that making analogue work with digital paid off as it’s not replacing one with another but enhancing the effects.

I like to mix and match my experimentations. Like here I have used the texture as a sky background for my experiment where I have tried to create a 3D environment in Cinema 4D. I will talk about that along with my other experiments in my next blog.

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 16.31.39.png

I have then animated the effects of one texture. The effects make it look like there is an actual movement where there isn’t.

And one more, not a great quality but I was just playing around.

There is just so much more that can be done with 2D image when animating effects. Possibilities are endless.


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