3D environment tests

My next step of the experimentation is to get familiar with 3D space. Not just background but create a feeling of being a part of the animation by involving movement, travel through a 3d space. My aim is to create a lot of action and dynamics that will reflects what may be happening inside the head during distress. Well not sure if I making myself clear so let me just show you.

Here I am trying to recreate in After Effects a lot of movement in very rapid, drastic manner where the deformed shapes are changing colours and sizes.

This still doesn’t feel too 3D plus for some reason my After effects experimentations are too colourful and bright for my liking. I do look at the tutorials for similar ideas but never follow it 100% because I want something totally different so I just wanna learn which effect does what.

Doing this tutorial I have accidentally created an eye. This is how quickly my brain gets distracted into making something I don’t need ha.

And then because I absolutely have nothing else to do I turned it into proper eye. I wish I had time to document more of “side effects” of playing around in After Effects.

Okey moving on….

Here I am back to Cinema 4D creating a tunnel travel. I am taking an advantage of the digital to create something that in real life I would either have to go down the slide laying face first holding a camera or I would need high tech equipment.

It is rewarding when without tutorials I already remember some of the features and can use it to enhance my work. I still find it difficult to animate the camera as there is so many different ways. Here I have use mo spline.

In this experiment I wanted to create not maybe a creature but some sort of nuisance that would expand and prevent from you from getting through.

I have also used previously made backgrounds just to test.

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 08.24.43Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 12.24.43

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 19.23.04

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 20.14.38

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 21.28.01

Here is just a test of its movement.

I need to start wrapping things up as I am not even sure if I can use any of the experimentation for the final. I know this is typical for me who I start enjoying something too much I lose a track of time.

What I don’t want is for the animation to be overly digital and look a bit like a “circus” in a sense that each experimentation doesn’t really go with another. I still want to use digital aspects as it definitely lets me let my ideas go wild but still I haven’t got enough skills to make it look professional enough.

Well I have faith in my skills and won’t rest until get the outcome I am happy with.

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