“Psychological hellish twilight zone”

Since I haven’t been blogging a lot I will try to update the progress on my project in this one blog post.

As I have mentioned in my blog post Digital character design in Cinema 4D I will have a go at claymation. I have created a character in Cinema 4D and I have finally managed to rig it and I have enjoyed learning new skills but I knew that I cannot stick to only digital.

I decided to have a go at claymation as there is something about the clay I like. Tactile art speaks louder to me as I am very sensual person. It’s not just the touch but also smell of the materials. Digital can be flat and like I have mentioned before even though it gives you a lot of possibilities it cannot replace analogue so my aim is to make these two work together.

I have done research into claymation and that was the best research ever as I got to watch a lot of cartoons. I have also learnt about the materials that I need such as a wire that doesn’t break easily and is very soft, plasticine clay that doesn’t dry and poxy to make bone structure. I have also worked in my sketchbook to plan ahead so things can go smoother.





Work in progress…


The only thing I haven’t made from scratch is the eyeballs. I bought quite few so as I can animate the eyelids. I have also made lips to animate.



The outcome after a photoshoot.

The reason why I have created a character for my animation is to create a story. You may ask why I made him look the way he does. Well my aim is to create a character who is obscure, annoying, obscene, who is an unwanted lodger, creepy intruder and everything you may hate in person. That is what depression feels like “master that takes control over your head”. I have taken a turn in my research and focused on people’s personal accounts of life with depression and anxiety. Rather than what happens in the brain (hippocampus) is what happens with emotional response to it.

My approach towards it is not to mock depression or make it sound like it is not all that serious but to present a life in the different world that can represent what it feels like to live with a “brain” that you are not in control of.

In some of the accounts someone describes depression as “Psychological hellish twilight zone” where you constantly feel being watched and judged.

I have then went on to creating more scenes that can reflect living in the world that feels like a “twilight zone”.

Creepy looks, judging and looking down on you…


Pointing fingers…

Finger made out of clay


Talking mouths….

I have created a scene from inside the hippocampus using colours from the palette and fairy lights to recreate nerves which he uses as a laundry wire. I made an armchair, TV set, books, big pillow for his pet finger. Well you may think this is all confusing but that is exactly what living with depression can be: things will not always make sense. Just like this finger sitting on the chair ha


Talk on the phone edit.jpg

Here is just a quick scene of the puppet (no audio) that would be talking loud on the phone while having a tv on full blast. Just like the sound I was given for the project it can get very irritating at some point when you have few noises overlaid or when there is too many sounds coming on at once.


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