Portfolio draft

We were asked to create a draft of our portfolio for the potential work placement. Since we have done our collection book (Collection book is here!) I find it less daunting to collate my work and try to present it to the best standard. I still find it challenging to do layouts and I think it’s one of those things that don’t come naturally to me.  I have definitely improved during my studies. I am always trying to be aware not to overdo things and because my images are quite colourful and there is a lot going on I don’t want to distract from it too much.

I think towards the end of my studies I have definitely found my own creative voice and it is fascinating how I just went back to what I used to do best as a kid but now in more advanced level: puppet making. I used to be a part of the theatre group and costume, set design was my cup of tea. Also I used to make puppets for my friends as a birthday gift. Hands on approach is definitely something I enjoy best and because I do you can see that is where my best work is produced.

I understand that my work is not commercial but it definitely reflects my personality and unique style and approach that some may not get. Being able to express my ideas clearer will come with practice but I am very pleased with the progress I have made considering I have never studied arts prior to my first year. Enough of the reflection let’s crack on with my portfolio draft.

As the limit was up to 5 pages I have done 7 as one is a cover and one is an intro page.


My front cover is a quick diorama of a toilet and a skeleton/office worker puppet. My aim was to show a tutor reviewing some portfolio’s and mine is jaw dropping as his jaw appears to be dropped and eyes engaged. I have edited picture to be kind of an old style to keep it toned down. This picture is a humorous way to engage viewer and make them want to explore more and show a bit of my character from the start. Why toilet? Some people like to have a good read when on the toilet and some take a very long time on the toilet. If you have lived with a man you will know ha.  I understand that portfolio needs to be professional but no one said it cannot be fun. I have learnt now to just do what my instincts tell me otherwise the outcome won’t be true to me.

aga's portfolio3


My intro page features a clay sculpture of me and I am pretty pleased of the outcome. Also the phone, email and insta logo and dots from the skills section are made of clay. I have been very careful with use of any extra shapes and colours but hoping for a feedback from tutors to play around more with layout. Also amount of information is just basic for now.


Portfolio draft2.jpg


  • Character design

I wanted to show different aspects of my work and skills that I have. Designing characters and giving them personality is one of my favourite activities. It can be used either for still photography or animation. I started to use minimalistic approach when I do collate my work however want to make it a bit more designed than this.

Portfolio draft3.jpg

  • Claymation

Stop motion animation using my designed characters where I also make hand made sets and environment for them. Before I record the scenes I set the puppets up for a small photoshoot.

Portfolio draft4.jpg

  • Set Design Photography

Making small sets and bringing them to life using photography is something that I have successfully done. It helped me to practice use of light and different camera settings. I love miniatures and creating an illusion of the real world through photographing miniatures is something I find fascinating. That is kind of taken me into discovering dioramas which I may develop in my next project.

Portfolio draft5.jpg

  • Animation

I have included only one animation which I believe is best when it comes to production and shows different types of skills. Now I am thinking I could have included one more to show skills in using digital packages. I am planing on redoing my very first animation with a skeleton because I think it’s genius but I wanna use my editing skills that I have now to improve it.

Portfolio draft6.jpg

  • Cartoons

I have included few drawings. I haven’t drawn for a long time but I always loved drawing caricature, cartoon strips or cartoon like characters. It shows my different type of skill yet goes with my overall interest and style of work. As I have been discovering new skills I haven’t practiced drawing much but this is still something I like to do.

Portfolio draft7.jpg

Here is some examples of what I did before I even started uni and haven’t drawn since I left my country. Now I definitely have more skills and want to create some more work like that. This are mainly drawings of people I know.

team linkfinal finally

As a final portfolio I want to include more work such as my illustrative typography posters. Typography has never been my strong point however making 3D type has given me a pretty good outcome

always stay on top
Foam letters on dyed water and soap
protect your mind2
letters made with fabric sawn together and filled with cotton

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