Final Major Project: Initial concept

I must say that in my final year I enjoy doing research a lot more than in my first year. I like how it triggers so many ideas in my head and also helps me with problem solving and I don’t get moments when I am stuck. Also it helps me to take my thoughts to another level.

From doing all the research about the memory and childhood and looking at dioramas as a way to freeze a memory and bring the image of the memory back to one place creating nostalgia, I have decided to create a photo memory book.

Through making my own sets and characters I will recreate some more or less memorable situations from my childhood, the games I used to play or memories that when I think about it I think to myself “what was I thinking” or “how embarrassing”. The scenes will be based on true stories and using my art directing skills I will create elements and arrange scenes in the way that it will represent the ridicule and humour in each scene and a bit of exaggeration just like child’s memories are sometimes. I have faith in my skills and right now I am at the stage of making elements for the scenes having no idea of what the final outcome will be.

As I am conscious of time I am cracking on with it and creating things daily whenever I can. Here is a character which represent me as a kid. mischievous tomboy who until today has a nickname “trouble”.

Started off with making my own eyeballs as my puppet will be a lot smaller to what I used to make. Well I must say not bad, from now on my own eyeballs will be used.


The hair once again I borrowed from my friend’s fake extensions and may be too dark but to be honest my hair used to be darker before I damaged it.


As the eyeballs will not be moved I have made eyebrows which move so as I can change face expressions and also I will make few different mouth shapes to indicate expressions. img_1885

My iconic corduroy shorts and trainers have been made with care and attention too detail.

shoes made using fabric, strings, clay



At this stage I make few things at the same time going back and forth as sometimes I need to wait for things to dry or simply look for solutions when I make it and work out what materials to use as there is no guide I can follow with this.

There will be some animals featuring in my story like chicken or my boxer dog. I don’t design the characters at this stage, the image is in my head and I let hands to the job of recreating it.

Frightened chicken.You will soon find out why..

I understand that some people may not relate to the stories from my childhood but we all had a childhood and we all like to bring our own memories back to life. Whether our childhood was bad or good we all have those mental images of happy events.

Some of the elements will only be meaningful to those my age and born in Poland remembering communism but still everyone have their own memories which some of the scenes may trigger.

As my family wasn’t wealthy we had a car that was considered a danger to be driven on the road- Fiat 126p


screen shot 2019-01-18 at 09.14.41
Real deal
In making still rough
polished and painted

I was always a cool kid at school but not because of what I had but my character and personality. I was dropped of to school in most embarrassing car yet I still was liked by everyone which these days things may not work like that.

I am a professional sculptor now. Anything that can add texture..even my old toothbrush


Some people shop for clothes I shop for rocks, sand and grass.


I am being ambitious and I recreate items that won’t be the centre of attention yet I want things to be realistic, not in the sense of trying to make the item the spit image of what it is. I even prefer that rough crafty look rather than perfect polished one.

left original, right my version in case you cannot spot the difference haha. Health and Safety risk washing machine which will feature in the scene where my little life was at risk as I like to put myself in dangerous situations.

As a kid I loved making comic books and even writing books however now I don’t feel confident even with using type simply because I have had not enough practice in that.

As the final outcome I am aiming to collate all of the images and create a photo story book. Each image will have a quick witty story which gives more depth into what it’s on the picture, telling the story.

I want to challenge myself as I want my book to be not just picture and type but be more interactive. Yes I am ambitious as some people who know me would know me and creating books don’t get along as I just simply break all of the rules of graphic design. That doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy the process I just need more support with that than with anything else. Also people who know me even more would know I am good at witty story writing and in high school I had a section in school’s newspaper with my limericks. Rude and witty has always been my thing.

In my next blog I will explore possible layouts and examples of books that kind of show more what I want my final outcome to look like so let me stop talking here.

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