Work Placement: Publication Front Page

As an outcome of our work placement we will be making a publication. I have been gathering the content for it everyday after I came back home from my work placement. As a final task I decided to make a front cover for my publication. I have tried to use the thought process I observed at my work placement and create a cover that summarises my placement. So I will use the type experiment 1 I created previously Work Placement: Publication lead experiment then create a TV and place it on Earth. Seems literal but then some things created for TV programmes cannot be complex to make people guess and it has to hit general audience.

So far I have done motion tracking, working with materials, light, illumination, type now it’s time for modelling. I have started of with a normal flat tv but didn’t quite like it as it seemed to simple and decided to challenge myself more.

tv screen


I have modelled retro tv and here is the process. I lost faith half way through as I couldn’t get out of my head that it looks like a microwave ha. Here is the process from scratch. I was proud as I didn’t even watch any tutorials meaning that some basic knowledge is embedded in my brain already.

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 22.35.55Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 23.33.02Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 23.26.29

Retro tv4

After composting all elements together in after effects I have added particles effect to make it look like the tv was shoot off the ground.


I am a bit concerned about the quality of the images after print. Those are made for motion and printing can flatten some of the effects. Here is the final with Earth logo. Logo can be moved according to how it fits on the publication.

Tv screen 3jpg

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