Work Placement: Publication lead experiment

The next challenge I set for myself is to create a lead/intro into my publication inspired by the type of work they do for TV. I am not great at typography but me creating 3D type illustrative did come out good previously. I wanted to set the mood/character of my work placement.

Experiment 1

I have tried few different ways. This is more like a show, striking type that they designed for some tv shows.


Doing this I have gained huge knowledge of working with camera settings, light, illumination, materials and I must say that getting things to have realistic looking light etc is really time consuming and you need a good eye. For those who worked in Cinema 4D is a case of constant rendering to check the progress as images you work with look different after rendering.

I have here worked on both background and type. Type is made of elements that can disperse and that allows me to make each element be in different position so when the light falls on it it reflects it differently.


Screenshot (22)

Volume effector 20
Looking closer it looks like its moving and creates some sort of movement.
no back effector
I kept taking screenshots every second as sometimes random changes created new effects

Effector redone 1.jpg

Experiment 2

My second experimentation was with a glitter effect type. I wanted to create catchy type and glitter ball elements I found interesting as it consists of small elements that each is turned different direction and when the light reflects against it it looks very textured.


Screenshot (68)
small squares before being randomised and with copper material applied


Glitter close up
close up of the type
glitter 6
setting angles and lights is a long process, the moment you amend angles of the camera the light reflection will change
glitter 7

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