First Scene: Frania “the evil washing machine” attack

So the day has finally come for me to record the first scene now that I have done the backgrounds.  I have also bought a rig to support the puppet with the movements and I was all ready to go.


rig bits poked through the t-shirt
puppet visiting the site
also made a lil cardigan for some of the scenes 

Recorded the scene 3 times and then I cracked on with editing not realising that is when things will go up the hill. I have never worked with a rig before but I knew masking techniques in After Effects so I was confident it will go well.

It didn’t at all. I have taken pictures of the empty scenery but after shooting with a puppet on it it throws shadows and colours of it change so the difference showed too much. Another obstacle was that if there is any shakiness of the scene or camera that makes removing rig even more difficult.

That’s how much of the rig was visible


On one single picture you may not be able to tell where the rig was however when removing rig there is slight difference in colour in each scene in the place where the rig was and that creates movement when all images are put together as an animation. This is the best as it got but each image had slight difference which was enough to create this movement on the right hand side.

I have tested masking technique of my other video of Frania the washing machine walking. It shows how crazy my washing machine used to get and as a child I was scared of it because always something bad would happen when I approached it.

Here is a rather successful way of removing the reg as I made it look like a shadow. I may still change speed and add effects but I want it to have that sharp effect of jumping from side to side.

I have also researched new software which could help me remove objects in moving image. I found Mocha Pro however it proved difficult to use as it’s easier to use for grainy footage.

Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 22.08.41.png

After all the attempts I had to move on to another way as I have spent a week trying to solve the issue and testing out different ways meaning editing footage frame by frame, picture by picture. This is behind the scenes that no one will know of. This is a huge learning curve for me as I thought software can cover up anything ha.

So here we go starting all over again. This time I am testing out magnetic tie down. Since I cannot really splash out on animation stage I have created my own solution. Steel sheet as a floor and magnets attached to the puppet’s shoes meaning I have to redo the shoes.

I kind of struggle not to get any shakiness while moving the puppet around also I need to start using remote software to take pictures as thats when camera can move while pressing the button. With this I need to make sure the focus is on.

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