FMP: animation backgrounds ideas

There has been a major change with my FMP outcome idea. I have decided to challenge myself and make an animation and also stills from the animation put together as a small memory book or simply print it on photo, old 80’s style looking paper and put it together as a photo album. I will design it myself of course. Good luck to me but because I am so excited about this I will accomplish what I planned.

To move on with my creation I needed to create backgrounds for my scenes. Scenes will take place in 4 different places: living room, kitchen, bathroom and outdoors. My initial idea was to create backgrounds which are detailed so as I can recreate my childhood places. The problem with that is not just that is time-consuming but also once I set up the scene I need to make sure I record the scenes all in one go (impossible) or keep it set until it’s all done. Here is a quick test I have done with backgrounds that are more detailed.


My tutor suggested to go for less defined backgrounds. It makes sense as firstly the puppet won’t blend into it as much and also it will reflect my childhood memories which are a bit blurry and I cannot remember it all. She shown be a book of Laura Carlin “A world of your own”.

Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 11.50.34.png


She created places by drawing it on cardboard boxes. I loved the concept and it was indeed inspiring for my creative brain to explore.

First idea was to draw backgrounds so I have one a test with my kitchen. I immediatly knew that is not it. It just did’t look right.


The next suggestion hit the nail on the head as I have already been considering collage as Laura’s book gave me that idea. Rory Dewar’s design for an album cover of an artist Barney Asrtist. I knew that was the one.

Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 11.55.44.png

The element of collage with real life photographs and items on plain backgrounds was the key. I have tested some ideas for my backgrounds in my sketchbook.


I have also tested it out with my 3D elements.


Now that I felt confident and positive that this idea would work I cracked on with making. Yet again my very supportive tutor’s suggestion to use fabrics gave me that extra textures to play with.

Bathroom: lino floors, mirror like material for mirror, cut outs of cosmetics on plywood shelf. Simple yet enough detail.

evil Frania.JPG

Living room: fabrics I coloured with markers and stuffed with cotton to add extra volume, flower I made with strings and leaves, fabric carpet, posters of my favourite cartoons.



Kitched under way as well. All it’s left is outdoors.



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