FMP: Testing magnetic tie down

Going back to the idea of a magnetic tie down. I must say it does the job. I have redone all of the elements that will need it including mine and my sisters shoes. Also I have fixed my neck with epoxy putty so as my head can stop falling off.


I have put two magnets in each shoe and covered it with epoxy putty to keep it sturdy which I used to make bone like structure for my puppet’s armature.


I will paint it with white acrylic. This will make it better as well because previously it was made with polymer clay which would get deformed when touched.



I understand that the outcome may not be 100% how I wanted it to be but the experience is for me to take. I do things not just for the good grades but to make sure I learn as much as I can for the future. I never played safe and I knew this idea is not going to come easy.

Learning how to walk again. As simple as it may seem I have never animated a puppet to make it walk or run. My puppet isn’t the best to be used for action but at the time of making I wasn’t planning for it to be animated. For some reason I planned the easier route but I am glad I took on the challenge as it is a big learning curve.

Richard Williams ‘The Animator’s Survival Kit’

I have accepted the fact that I will need to shoot each scenes few times before I get it to the acceptable level.  Things do happen half way through shooting such as me kicking the camera and displacing it which means I need to start all over again.

Certain things can be ignored such as my puppet’s zip opening up. ha

Here is few shots from one of the recent scenes where I come up to the table, sit on the chair and then fall of it stabbing myself in the neck. Based on true story. Now that I am not using the rig falling off the chair scene might be a challenge.

Puppet in kitchen scenery

My possibly unrealistic goal is to shoot most scenes by Easter break so as I have enough time to redo the ones that may need redoing or focus on the memory book and editing (never mind 101 other projects ha)

Some scenes I need to recreate in my head before I shoot it such as my dog dragging me around by my sleeve. What movements will my feet be doing or how the dog would be behaving is something I need to plan as I have shot few scenes with no planning and while animating I was like ‘okey whats next’. I am not aiming for it to be too realistic but still would like the moves to me as smooth as I can make it.

butter wouldn’t melt

This scene will need redoing as I have used only one lamp and it is slightly dark.


Problem solving skills are being tested a lot in this process but I am happy that I can face those small challenges comparing to what is ahead of me when I get lucky and do this for a living.

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